Clickbait of the Week: December 16

This is our inaugural clickbait of the week, and we are very excited to bring it to you. From now on, every Friday we will update you with our analysis of the most ridiculous article on the Internet, which was merely designed for you to click on it, so the website could earn ad revenue. Clickbait serves no other purpose—it offers you no insight, no analysis, no information. In fact, it very often lies to you, presenting false information, or it misrepresents what the article is about. For example, the title will say, “You won’t believe the TRUTH about Obamacare,” and in actuality, the article only says that they’re not sure because the law is too complicated to understand.

Here’s the link. Don’t click on it!

Here’s the title: “Politicians and Celebrities With IQs That Are Pretty Unnerving”

First of all, this is the article on the website, but the clickbait title was: “Melania Trump’s IQ Is Pretty Unnerving,” which changes sometimes to, “Tiffany Trump’s IQ Is Pretty Unnerving.” Now, let’s look at the use of the adjective, “unnerving.” Notice that it doesn’t take a stance whether this IQ is a positive or negative thing. It’s simply “unnerving.” Shocking. You won’t believe it. So what do you have to do? Click.

Then the name of the article changes to “Politicians and Celebrities…” so who even knows if they bring up Melania or Tiffany Trump? Also, one would have to wonder at this point how they obtained both women’s IQ, and their source for this.

The first paragraph basically introduces the idea with, “Some celebrities have high IQ’s, some have low IQ’s.” Holy shit. Tell me more. Are you meaning to tell me that of all of the celebrities out there, who vary from Olympic swimmers to Supreme Court Justices, that their intelligence isn’t universal? I cannot wait to read the rest of this (by the way the reason clickbait articles have useless, repetitive information in the first paragraph is because that’s where they’re shoving in their SEO keywords).

After that it’s one of those “slideshows” where you have to keep clicking, therefore allowing for each unique page to get a hit. And they basically give a short biography about the celeb is intelligent. James Woods had a scholarship to MIT; Geena Davis speaks Swedish fluently. Bill Gates started Microsoft. Whether or not these celebrities took IQ tests and gave this website permission to publish them is still up in the airr.

Wait . . . whose IQ was I supposed to find out about? There are 91 celebrities on this list to click through. Whoadid you know Sally Field was dead? Or, maybe she hates Obama? I wonder what her IQ is.