A Content Marketing Firm Grows in Brooklyn

Everyone knows about the Silicon Valley, the Silicon Hills, and the great exodus to Portland, Detroit and New Orleans, but what about the Silicon Alley? Or, am I just stating the obvious here when I say that New York City, and more specifically Brooklyn, and even more specifically Bushwick, is a great place to grow a startup. If it's not so obvious, let me say it again: Bushwick is a great place to grow a startup. Because it's where the Brooklyn content marketing firm Social Construct was born.

After all, this is the home of the Jefferson, the 46 million dollar office complex designed specifically for tech startups, and the office share and coworking center, Brooklyn Desks on Wyckoff (right down the street from my apartment), which is also a mecca for Brooklyn startups and creatives. Inside Bushwick’s industrial and rugged exterior, ideas, collaboration, and engagement thrive. There’s Bushwick Kitchen, CartoDB, the Bushwick Collective, and all the amazing art galleries like Sardine and Lot 594.

Anyone who has walked around Bushwick on a beautiful weekend afternoon and gone to the Bushwick Flea, or the House of Yes, or played handball at Maria Hernandez Park, has felt this vibrant neighborhood’s creative energy first hand. And through all of this energy great ideas and companies are growing. Social Construct is proud to be called a Brooklyn content marketing firm. We want to give back to this neighborhood that’s given us so much.