Clickbait of the Week: Guess the Skin Condition

I was going to say that this week’s clickbait is not for the faint-hearted, but is clickbait ever subtle? Does it ever not thrive on visceral response (fear, doubt, hate, love, etc)? But this one is also gross—it’s about . . . rashes.

The rash that was pictured in the photo was gross. It was on the back of this guy’s neck and bright red with big bumps coming off of it. Ya know, come to think of it, why did I click on the article? I’m not particularly interested in skin rashes, and I’ve never even really had one (TMI?).

Here’s the link! Don’t click! 

It’s called “Can You Guess The Skin Condition?” and it’s actually not from a clickbait-y site, I don’t think. The site is called Health Central. They seem a little classier than those WHEN YOU SEE THIS YOU WILL BE SHOCKED kind of sites, which could be an indication that clickbait is entering the mainstream. 

Can You Guess The Skin Condition?” is a quiz where they show you a rash, abrasion, some really gross shit, and you see if you know it by looking at it. Redness on an arm, a busted up lip, chafed, scabby cheeks—really gross. The best part is, though, after you click over (it’s one of those quizzes where you click, click, click and keep giving them ad revenue) and there’s the answer. On this one page that shows the answer, it says, “Herpes Simplex 1” with an enthusiastic bright orange checkmark next to it. Like, “Yay! Herpes Simplex 1!” It’s at moments like this where you can stop yourself and say, “Thank you internet . . .”

Anybody else want to buy some lotion right about now?