Clickbait of the Week: the END of Social Security . . .

This clickbait I found on the Curbed website. It seems like a fitting place for propaganda designed to strike fear in homeowners, people who save money for retirement. The audience for Curbed probably makes more than six-figures on average, so they’d be the ones terrified by this economic discovery, and also willing to fork over money for the clickbait company’s “services.”

The article, “2016 . . . The End of Social Security (Leaked Evidence Stumps Obama, Stuns Retirees)” published in The Sovereign Investor, which is a publication in “The Sovereign Society”, uses dubious sources: “one retirement-bound Los Angeles resident” and “several leaked reports” . . . ? It does reference the expertise of “one famous economist, James Dale Davidson”, but there’s just one problem with that: he’s never studied economics or taught it. He’s just an investor (from this fraudulent website!) who makes insane, conservative predictions.

The purpose of this fear-mongering is far less noble than trying to discredit Barack Obamathey want you to sign up for their products. From their website it seems that they mainly sell various forms of data: pamphlets, newsletters, archives, etc., but they also seem to do some investing. Randomly enough, their approach seems to be investing in . . . collectibles? If I had hours to devote to deconstructing this scam I could find out exactly what their angle is, but for now I’ll just say it’s clickbait so you buy their nonsense products.

Here’s the link! Don’t click on it.