Content Marketing for Small Business Case Study: Funny Pays Off

I've read so many blog articles (and I know you have too) that were so absolutely empty—devoid of information, analysis, artful writing or humor. And the reason for this is the "writer" simply wanted to shove some keywords in there ("Bloomington Indiana masseuse" or "SoCal Smoothie") three times so their client's website will pop up when those terms are googled. But we think we can do better, that it's possible to hit those keywords and spark discussion amongst people AND have a little fun along the way. One philosophy we have is: Funny Pays Off.

It really does. It pays off in sustained traffic and Google visibility. Take this article in The Value of Architecture for instance called, "Can You Speak Talkitecture?" This article really angered some architects and people in the design community. They actually even debated with me personally on Reddit. Others thought it was just really funny—which is what it was supposed to be: satire.

Content marketing for small business can be alive, engaging, emotional, and yes, funny. This article continually receives traffic, even years after it was published.

Spark debate. Make people think, smile and laugh. That's the kind of content that pays off in the long run, rather than something just designed for keywords.