Content Marketing for Small Business Case Study: Interviews

Since Social Construct was founded as a specialized content marketing for small business service, we've interviewed intellectuals, business leaders, internationally recognized artists, television actors, and more. And something we've learned is that while interviews can be time consuming up front, they pay off in the long run because the traffic keeps sustaining for months and years.

Why do interviews keep sustaining traffic?

It all depends on the situation. With someone who is notable, data suggests that people are googling the notable person’s name, perhaps doing research on them for some reason, so the traffic is generated by the person's keyword. The advice here would be reach high and contact notable people in your field to interview them. You actually might be surprised to find out that the artistic curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art may actually respond to your email.

With non-notable people what is most likely happening is they are using the interview as leverage in their career to self-promote. For example, once we interviewed a local real estate developer, and possible house-flipper. Now, generally, this is not a person that humanity would be interested in reading about. But, we would see that practically every week the article would generate traffic. The hits were coming directly from the article itself, not google searches. We looked at his LinkedIn and saw that he had put it up there, but, if the hits had come from that page, it would've showed that LinkedIn had been the referral source. The only logical explanation we surmised was that he was using the interview as leverage with new clients. Most likely when he would try to make a new business deal he would tell the new connection in an email to read this "amazing interview he did…” to learn more about him. See what we're saying?

A sustainable strategy for content marketing in small business is difficult. It takes time to do research, reach out to people, to always generate new ideas. Interviews are not only a great way to engage with your niche community, but also a legitimate content strategy that will keep paying dividends in the long-term.